Need More Income? Why The Trillion Dollar Health And Wellness Industry Is Your Best Bet For Home Profits - Articles & News About Health

Need More Income? Why The Trillion Dollar Health And Wellness Industry Is Your Best Bet For Home Profits - Articles & News About Health

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Need More Income? Why The Trillion Dollar Health And Wellness Industry Is Your Best Bet For Home Profits

With everything from the cost of gas to home heating to health insurance taking big chunks out of your paycheck, you''re probably among the many millions who are having a hard time making ends meet.

Forget asking the boss for a raise. Statistics for the past five years show worker productivity way up while pay is stagnating. That means you''re working far harder than you used to and still aren''t making any more money.

A huge and growing number of people worldwide are finding a home business is the answer. Because YOU are the boss, you can work your home business as much or as little as you have time for. Keep your home biz small and work it nights and weekends while you hold down your regular job. Or quit your job and expand your home business full-time.

But what should your home business sell? If you have an avid hobby that could easily be converted to a business, go with that. If you''re like most of us and have little to no idea of what kind of product or service would make you money, let me give you a few suggestions.

The Health and Wellness Industry is one of the fastest growing business sectors in the world. The hundreds of millions of dollars consumers spend worldwide on health supplements rivals the auto, steel, and even the prescription drugs industries.

People everywhere are interested in improving and maintaining their health and treating illness. Often people can''t afford over priced prescription drugs or they are justifiably afraid of the harsh side-effects that frequently accompany prescription medications.

An even larger group is avidly interested in ways to lose weight, sleep better, and have more energy. Supplements are perfectly suited for this. Many have highly researched formulas that brilliantly capture the natural powers of certain herbs and ancient blends.

Body builders use effective, all-natural, weight loss appetite suppressors. They find they can still build muscle mass while successfully reducing their body fat content. Our product kick-starts your metalbolism, not your heart, and aligns your body''s sugars. Organic "youth juice" containing a number of health care properties is a favorite.

The other unmatchable benefit you get from basing your home-based business around health supplements is this product needs to be RE-ordered on a regular basis. While a consumer might only buy a new refrigerator once every ten years, they will purchase supplements at least once per month. That means you''ve got a terrific opportunity to have a renewable, regular monthly income that goes on and on year after year.

Let me make one final point. Don''t be afraid of Network Marketing. Most of the top health supplements are sold through one of the various kinds of Network Marketing companies. These firms operate under a philosophy that a great many individuals working together can equal the power of a large corporation. That gives your new home business a big advantage.

You''ll be way head starting your home business using these simple ideas. Good luck -- and don''t wait. To achieve a change, you need to be that change. Get started NOW!

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Oregon has an excellent health care system; in fact, one of the best in the nation according to U.S. government figures, but regardless of how good the system is at saving and prolonging life, the fact is that Oregon?s heath care, like health care everywhere in this nation, is expensive.

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Healthcare Consulting Leader QHR, Strategic Health Care, Sen. Roger Wicker Partnership Yields $500,000 Grant for King''s Daughters Medical Center

QHR hospital client King''s Daughters Medical Center (KDMC) in Brookhaven, Miss., is slated to receive a $500,000 federal grant as a part of the 2009 Health and Human Services, and Education spending bill that was approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee earlier this month. KDMC''s grant application, championed in part by U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (Miss.), was initiated by QHR and its strategic service partner Strategic Health Care. Once awarded, the grant funds will be used in the development of an electronic medical records system for KDMC.

Poor pay and lack of jobs are forcing workers to abandon their countrys health service to seek work in the UK and USA.

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Women need to periodically visit an Obstetrician or a Gynecologist for pelvic scans or for taking a Pap test, especially if they are 21 years of age or older. Any study on women?s health would surely delve into the rise of cancer as a dangerous illness that may lead to death and is second only to heart diseases in terms of most occurring illnesses.

1. Clean and Fresh AirBacterial allergens and other pollutants constantly in the air would mean that we are subjected to a long-term disease causing air environment, without protection.

It may not rank as a killer like heart disease or cancer, but the rush by many to participate in internet marketing could be putting them at risk of developing serious health problems both in the short and the longer term. The aim of this article is to help you avoid those effects and to prosper - painlessly!In recent years, internet marketing has shot to prominence, both for its obvious successes like Amazon, Last-Minute.

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Vitamins are the stars of the nutrition scene. Nutrition, the science of food, is the study of the nutrients and substances in foods.