Meals for Vegetarian: An Overview

Meals for Vegetarian: An Overview
Example of Meals For Vegetarians

Are you a vegetarian and apprehensive that your food lacks protein? If yes, then stop worrying as there are plenty of protein rich meals for vegetarian that can compensate the deficiency of protein rich non vegetarian meals like eggs, meat and fish. However, one should be cautious enough and should not take the protein substitutes of non-vegetarian diet senselessly. Processed protein substitutes contain toxic elements and should be avoided. Let us have a quick look at protein rich meals for vegetarians.

Quinoa is a good protein supplement

Apart from being protein-rich, Quinoa contains essential elements like manganese, riboflavin, iron, magnesium etc. A cup of Quinoa contains as much as 8 grams of protein and has a rice-like texture. Like other types of grains Quinoa is rich in fibers.

Beans – The richest source of protein

Beans are the richest in protein and palatable dishes made up of black beans, butter beans; haricot beans, kidney beans etc. are the major source of protein for a vegetarian. Meals for vegetarian must contain beans which are rich in antioxidants, fibers etc besides beans. A partially cooked cup of black beans contains ten grams of protein. Protein contained in the beans helps in improving digestion and keep weight under control.

Wheat gluten or Seitan:

This is the most popular meat substitute. This is easily available in the market. It contains more than 3o grams of protein/three ounces. The protein content in Wheat gluten is so high that it is sometimes referred to be wheat meat.

All types of nuts:

Good taste and high in protein content, nuts should be an essential part of the measl for vegetarians. This food should contain minerals, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and a lot more. If the nuts are consumed on a daily basis then it can have multiple health benefits like it can lower down the cholesterol levels in the blood, can check coronary artery diseases and can cut down the risks of prostrate, colon and breast cancer.

Seaweeds are richer in protein than milk:

As per a research, dried seaweeds have more protein than several other excellent sources of proteins like chicken, meat, milk etc. Seaweeds are absolute protein. The meals for vegetarian must contain seaweeds. Besides protein, seaweeds also contain dietary fibers which help in the reduction of weight.

If you are a vegetarian and keep meals like red meat, chicken, eggs extra at bay, then think you are a blessed lot because studies have shown that vegetarian people live longer. Do not be a cynic, meals for vegetarian can have equal or more amount of protein than non vegetarian meals. It is time to allay your fears of not getting sufficient quantity of protein in the diet if you are a vegetarian as there are plethoras of meals for vegetarian which contain high amount of protein Like milk and milk products, soybeans, lentils etc.

So all the vegetarians need not worry about the deficiency of protein in their meals as they have plenty of healthy protein substitutes to keep them healthy and fit.

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