Health Care is a huge problem in America. What do you guys think about taxing unhealthy foods? Read Details?

Health Care is a huge problem in America. What do you guys think about taxing unhealthy foods? Read Details?

Health Care is a huge problem in America. What do you guys think about taxing unhealthy foods? Read Details?

In America right now we are facing several difficult problems and arguably a tremendous crisis. A few to mention are the state of the economy (measured by stock prices), the budget of the government, the potential costs of healthcare, as well as education and foreign policy issues. My question is not about foreign policy issues or education though I believe the later is extremely important to our economy as well. My question is whether or not you think my proposal is practical. Basically my proposal is to have the GOVERNMENT STEP IN and put taxes on unhealthy foods. For example, at Meijer’s Grocery Store there are many breakfast cereals to choose from. Some contain up to 20 grams of Fiber and 10 grams of protein with 2 grams of fat that being unsaturated. Then there are cereals that contain up to 25 grams of sugar (simple kinds that will be later stored as fat) as well as 1-2 grams of saturated fat as well. The healthy cereal is Kashi Crunch High Protein and Fiber Cereal vs. the unhealthy Cocoa Puffs Cereal. Now, I for one used to eat unhealthy cereals but once I got that fiber in my diet I lost 6 lbs and my genetics are not even favorable. I do not have a fast metabolism though I exercise frequently. Therefore, if the government steps in and rises the price of unhealthy cereals it is obvious that more people will buy the healthier cereals. In case for some economic defying reason this doesn’t happen, there is still more money being spent by the consumer that is flowing in the economy. If the more probable occurs and people start buying the healthier cereals and for that matter other products, 2 things will happen. Number 1, America as a whole will become less obese, I know its not that simple but it will definitely play a tremendous role. Now, what are the economic benefits of this. Well first of all less people will be obese so less people will have the risk of certain cancers, heart disease, and diabetes. The companies that manufacture unhealthy cereal will at first lose money but then will have the incentives to produce more healthier cereals. This as a whole would save up to a quarter trillion dollars of our government budget and ease this state of depression America is in. How will it be done? We will have a new profession established called the health screeners who will have the job of certifying healthy foods and eliminating bad ones. These health screeners will also make sure that companies are not simply boosting the Nutrition Facts on the back by adding artificial proteins and fibersbut rather decent ones and that they are not putting so much artificial or normal sweeteners. Not to mention this would create so many new jobs. Now what if Americans stop buying all together? Well, they can’t because food is always a common necessity.

So in conclusion if we take such government enforced (I am not sugar coating) methods we as a country will become a more healthier community and therefore we will be able to greatly reduce health care costs, which will let more of the budget be spent on other things like education, reduce the deficit, and not to mention get everyone covered on Healthcare whether it is government or private healthcare.

Ok, so my question is who thinks this is a good idea?

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You brought up some very good points, I am deciding to revise my position based on what you and several others said in the politics section. However, you were by far more polite and you were hardly fallacious

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Yes, in theory, it might work. First it appears you have huge faith in the government to be able to manage this program. Second, if we want government to step in, prefer that they start with legalizing and getting control over prostitution and drugs which would be more lucrative for expanding education, reducing the deficit and providing some kind of managed health care. Then if they endeavor into controlling the food system, then someone would have to define “healthy” as many items have been tagged as both healthy and unhealthy. If in doubt that the government is not the best way to manage our lives, just take a look at tobacco, liquor and prescribed drugs, and how they are managed and the issues that we have with them. Best Wishes!

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