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People in the olden days knew the beneficial effects of using Apple cider vinegar for acne because the product of these fermented apples contain Acetic and Alpha Hydroxy acid which help to prevent you from bacterial infections and thus prevents the onset of Acne. It is also believed to be the best detoxifying ingredient and promotes healthy skin growth .Using the raw unfiltered and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar gives the best results and you also need to dab a little tree oil on your acne scars as it works miracles in beautifying the skin.

Vinegar is an essential ingredient in every home and you can easily use it because it will not cost you anything plus the acids present in the vinegar lessen the fatty deposits on the surface of your skin and also absorb excess oil which brings back the soft and supple appearance of eth skin.

You should always remember to dilute the Apple cider vinegar before using as it is very strong and can cause irritation if applied directly. People have different type of skins and the Apple cider vinegar should be applied according to individual requirements. Apple cider vinegar acts as an astringent for you skin and helps clears the blemishes and makes it soft and supple. Apple cider also adds flavor to your food and you can make it a part of your daily diet by adding a few drops of this beneficial ingredient in your meals.

Some people believe in using Apple cider vinegar on the skin while others prefer drinking it or using it as an add on in all their regular meals .The acne scars can also be treated using Apple cider vinegar as it acts as a laxative and is also good for the digestive system plus it helps to get rid of all the accumulated waste.

Organic Apple cider vinegar is more beneficial then the regular one as it contains only natural ingredients and there are no artificial ingredients involved. Just by adding a table spoon of vinegar in your daily meals and you can surely feel the difference.